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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are the life blood of Internet Marketing. These are the programs that you drive traffic to in order to get paid. It is very much like a newspaper, radio or TV station, you get paid to show advertising for a business looking for more customers.

The advantage of most of the Affiliate Programs listed here is that not only can you make money by promoting their programs but if you join one or more to these programs, they will teach you how to build and run an internet marketing business. Each one of them has a step by step program to follow to build your business.

Affilo Blueprint

AffiloBlueprint is designed for the affiliate marketing newbie who wants a step-by-step guide to creating a successful affiliate business. And AffiloBlueprint is ALSO very good for intermediate to advanced marketers who want a step-by-step repeatable system that is proven to work, which they can outsource to their staff.

The included Affilotheme WordPress template makes setting up sites just like Mark’s a breeze. Newbie affiliates will appreciate how simple Affiloblueprint is to follow (and how fast they can set up websites with Affilotheme) More experienced marketers will enjoy the advanced strategies for boosting their sites’ search engine rankings, as well as income increasing methods.

AffiloBlueprint covers all the basics of affiliate marketing, providing a novice-proof formula that can be used over and over again to create profitable sites in different niches.

AffiloBlueprint could also be useful for more successful affiliates who want to learn how to better structure their affiliate sites, and creating sustainable growth and success. Experienced affiliates who want to branch out into PPC will appreciate the quality PPC training lessons in Affiloblueprint.

Affilo Jetpack

The key to developing confidence as an affiliate is to see results fast, and to not get bogged down with the initial “administration” tasks. At each step — whether it’s choosing a niche, outsourcing content, designing graphics, acquiring hosting, or building the site itself – there is a good chance that people will delay, procrastinate, or just “get stuck”.

By providing all the content, graphics, hosting, and website building tools the user needs to get a site up and running in a short period of time, they are more likely to see results faster, and less likely to give up.

Many affiliates do not add an autoresponder to their site because it is an expensive investment of time and money. This is despite the fact that an autoresponder can be the best way of generating repeat commissions from visitors. Mark Ling considers this the thing that will make an affiliate the most money, yet very few affiliates do it.

By providing a full autoresponder series (one year’s worth of emails, appropriately timed, and complete with hard-sell emails and scarcity offers) users can easily get their autoresponder going and leave it on autopilot.

For would-be affiliates who have difficulty putting together a website, we have built our own WordPress theme. This theme has a comprehensive theme options panel with a huge array of layout tweaking options, so a user never has to fiddle around with HTML or CSS. WordPress itself is free and widely used, so it’s a great solution for affiliates. For users who just want a professional looking site with no fuss or tweaking, we provide three pre-set layouts per niche.

26 Week Plan

This program gives you a 26 week plan to start your own on-line business. All you have to do is follow the plan. This program also contains a vast amount of knowledge about Internet Marketing.

26-Week Internet Marketing Plan