How Affiliates Make Sales

How Affiliates Make Sales


Affiliate marketing can be a great source of income and comfortable lifestyle if it is done right.

But to be realistic, not everyone who gets into affiliate marketing ends up earning enough income if at all.

That’s why I am going to share with you the spoken and unspoken methods that many successful affiliate marketers use to make sales every month.

How much money is made is totally up to how hard you work.


The Business-Oriented Method


Here affiliate marketers use PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns to make money. Simply they throw money and hoping to get a profitable ROI (return of investment).

And here is how it is done.

After you pick the product you want to promote, you start finding long tail keywords that buyers search for.

For example, If my affiliate product is an “acne” product, then I look for keywords like “best acne cream” or “acne removal mask” and as you can see these keywords are searched by people who want to buy your acne product.

Once you have your list of keywords, you then prepare few paragraphs that you will use in your advertising campaigns.

Once you have everything set, you start your PPC campaigns with say $50, then wait and see how much you earn.

Keep tweaking your paragraphs for the ad and changing the keywords to see which combination will make you the most profit out of your invested $50.


The Piggyback Method


Piggyback in general means that you ride on someone’s back and that person does the walking for you.

In affiliate marketing you can use the same concept by finding hot products (new or about to be popular products).

Then do some SEO and PPC for the product name.

For example, if you are promoting a product called “XYZ Cream” then many people will be searching for the product name (because it is brand).

This way you are staying away from competition in the niche, because if the “XYZ Cream” is beauty related product, then many people will be targeting beauty keywords.

Only you will be targeting the product name, which means less competition for you and more sales.

This way you piggyback on the product name, and so long that this brand is popular. You then will be getting traffic and sales for this product.

Piggyback method can be based on person’s name, not just a product’s brand.

To clarify, imagine that there is a guy named “John” who is a popular chef. This means that people who are looking for “John” are also interested in cooking.

This opens up an opportunity to rank your recipes website (for example) and sell related affiliate products there.


The Long Term Profits Method

This is one of my favorite methods, because it can guarantee you stable affiliate income.

First you find a niche keyword with around 1000-2000 monthly searches, a money keyword related to the product you are selling as an affiliate.

Then you do SEO for this keyword and try to rank on page #1 for it.

The site you will be ranking should be a review page detailing every aspect of the product, and adding customer’s testimonials and so on…

You can promote just 1 product or a collection of products (I prefer 1 or 2 products max).

So for example, if you rank for a keyword with 1200 searches a month then that’s 40 visitors a day.

And if you convert at 1% (meaning 1% of your 40 daily visitors will buy) then that’s 12 sales a month.

Now your affiliate commission can be around $30 per sale, so that’s make your monthly profits $480.

Of course that’s a modest estimation and many factors can get this figure up (i.e. your affiliate commission).


The Assets Building Method

Affiliate marketing is just more than a way to make a quick buck, in fact most successful and super affiliates tend to build a strong base from which they can sell as much products as they want.

They achieve that by building a stable business asset, a framework they can rely on to make money.

One of these assets can be your own list of subscribers.

If you focused all your efforts and budget on building a list of subscribers in a certain niche, then you will be able to establish a trust relation with the people on your list.

A trusting relation in affiliate marketing is the secret of making 1000s each month, and as they say “money is in the list”

There are many ways you can collect email leads from the visitors of your site, but most notably is providing freebie in form of ebooks,software,guides,videos.

And by establishing a name for yourself in your niche, people will trust you and buy whatever product you recommend it to them.

In fact, many product owners rely solely on affiliates with moderate to big lists in order to make over $1 million in launch. And imagine being part of that.

This also means that, having a good relation with various product owners in your niche is vital. As it allows you to be involved in big launches.



Affiliate marketing is all about finding the best method suited for your skills, as there is no 1 way that will work for every affiliate marketer.

And you don’t have to copy anybody’s success method; you can also make your own method by thinking outside the box.

But at the end if a certain method that worked for someone else is working for you, it is totally alright to copy it and even improve it, adding your own tweaks to it.

I myself love the piggyback method and am working on developing some tricks to it, which I will share with you.

That’s the fun thing about affiliate marketing; it is not defined by rules. There are just a set of tools at your disposal and you shape them as you wish to make your own money making dream come true.

You can use any affiliate marketing course (like Affset) to start learning the basics of affiliate marketing if you are a beginner still.

bio1 Ibrahim Dahy loves to teach motivated entrepreneurs about how to become a successful affiliate marketer.He has written the Affset course that teaches many affiliate marketing skills using his 9 years of experience in the field.

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