Online Resources

Online Resources

Every business owner needs a variety of tools to run their business. Some tools are needed when you first start your business and some tools you can pick up later on when your business is up and running.

Managed Website Hosting

When you get to the point in your business that you need to build a web site you will have to have a place for your web site to live. The place where your web site lives or where it is stored is call the Hosting Provider. The two main types of Hosting are “self managed” and “managed by others”. With “self Managed” hosting the hosting is managed by the site owner. With “managed by others” hosting, the hosting is managed by a professional company that specializes in all of the hosting needs of your web site. WP Engine is a company that looks after WordPress web sites. The company is made up of a group of WordPress experts that take care of everything for you. Anything you need to do with your WordPress website can be taken care of automatically by the folks at WP Engine. Click on the banner below to see what they can do for your website.

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Your Own Mobile APP

If your business provides information, is a restaurant, a theatre, is located in a mall, has loyal customers, or caters to mobile traffic, you will want to build an APP for your business as soon as possible. An APP is an application that sits on a mobile smart phone and can be used to drive traffic to your web site or directly to your store. It can be set up to send messages about specials and sales messages to your customers any time of the day or night. The messages can also be pre-programmed to be broadcast at anytime in the future or to repeat as many times as you want. My App Builder gives you the option to create an app yourself on their platform or to have them build the APP for you. Click on the banner below to find out how APP’s can increase traffic to your store and increase your business income.

MyAppBuilder - Crete iPhone Apps in Minutes

Your Own Store

Have you ever wanted to own your own store carrying name brand products? But you don’t have any money to buy inventory, rent a space or hire employees? The people at Income Shops Now can help you out. They provide a platform for you to build your own store and and all you have to do is send traffic to it. They take care of providing you with the store catalog, collect the payments and they take care of delivering the products. All you do is promote and collect a commission on each sale. If you want your own store but don’t know how to get started, click on the banner below and check out this option.


E-Commerce Store

If your new business is going to sell a variety of products, the best way to build a web site for them is to use a pre-built storefront template. Basically these templates make it really easy to add and subtract products, offer coupons, track inventory, calculate shipping, and collect payments. All you have to do is plug in the product data and send traffic to your new store. 3D Cart is one of the best in the business and also offers excellent customer service anytime day or night. Click on the banner below and check out 3D Cart. You will be amazed at how easy it is to set up a new shopping cart for your store.

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