Put Your Store on the Internet.

If you have a store, you need to have a website. Your customers are looking for you on the internet.

Many owners of small local stores think that putting their store on the Internet is just a big uneccessary hassle that won’t do anything to improve their business. That may have been true in 1990 but now it is just an urban myth. In this second decade of the new millenium whether you like it or not, your customers are looking for you on the internet.

Everyone has a smart phone and they are looking for your stores website and they are looking for you on Facebook. Even if they shop with you on a regular basis they are looking for your website to see if you are running a special, they are looking for your address so they can refer their friends to your store and they are looking for your hours of operation to make a last minute purchase, or pick something up on their way to work or on their way out of town.

Travellers coming through town are also looking for you. When a modern traveller is looking for a product or service, the first thing they do is pick up their phone and do a search. If you don’t have an internet presense, you are invisible and that is a portion of business that you will never see. If you think that is a very small amount of business, here is a trick you can try.

Make up a batch of say 100 flyers that have a discount coupon on them for say 10% off any purchase in your store. Take the flyers and distribute them to the Motels, Hotels, Campgrounds, Restaurants, and Gas Stations in your town during the peak of your traveller season. Ask your fellow business owners to give them out to their customers when they rent a room, buy a meal or buy gas. Then sit back and see how many of the coupons are redeemed in your store.

What Do We Do For You?

Our starter package will build you a presense on the internet.

We will start by;

1. Claiming your Google property. Google has many products that help you increase your sales. We will set up your Google account for you and make sure that Google knows you are there and can actually be found.

2. We will help you build a Facebook fan page for your business. Facebook is an excellent place to post your specials, post information about your business, and ask your customers what they like or don’t like about your business.

3. If you have a store that sells products or are an artisan that just wants to sell your art you need a secure easy to manage internet store front to do that. We will build you a Shopify store that will allow you to list all of your products, collect payments, run specials, highlight new or special products, and track your inventory.

4. We will show you how to promote your new internet store and increase your sales.

Click on the Buy Now button below to get us started on building your new internet store. The Price is only $999.99.

If you are not sure if an Internet store is right for your business and would like more information, Please fill out the Contact Form below and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.