Setting Up A Blog In Just 4 Simple Steps

Setting Up A Blog In Just 4 Simple Steps

You have a small business, home business or hobby that you want to monetize. You want to build your online presence but have no start up cash. Do you give up? Hell, no. The web is so full of free options that you can build a new business website for free in less than half an hour. Taking it one step further you can build a trendy company blog in the same amount of time. That is right, you can have a company blog like all of the “big guys” in about the same time it takes you to shower in the morning. Don’t believe me? Well, try it.

You can easily start your business blog right now by following these few steps…

1. Sign up At – will offer you a free website built on the easily customizable WordPress platform. Visit the site and follow the instructions to get your initial site set up. All you will need is an email address. will even handle the hosting for you.

2. Choose A Theme – Using the back office of you can search for themes for your website. The theme will cover all of your major design details. You can search by a number of different parameters that will allow you to find the perfect theme for your business. If you have a logo there is sure to be a color scheme that matches.

3. Create Your Pages – In the back office of WordPress you should set up a couple static (not changing regularly) pages first off. You should add an about page that explains about your company. You should also add a products or services page that goes into what you offer. Lastly create a contact page so people can find out how to get a hold of you.

4. Add Content – Posts are different than pages, posts are content that you add on a regular basis. These posts can be how-to articles about your niche, industry news, insider information or just helpful tips. You will want to add information as often as possible. The more information and posts you have the more likely you will receive web traffic.

Four steps. That is it. You now have a fully functional business blog that can help you find prospects, leads and like minded individuals. Obviously each of those above steps are a little more detailed in practice than explained here. Also you can take this company blog much further with some education, but if all you want is a basic company blog then there you have it. All you have to give up, is about 20 minutes.