We Build Websites For Stores

We Build Websites For Stores

We build real web stores for businesses that sell things. We build small WordPress stores for businesses that only sell a few products, and we build big stores for businesses that have hundreds or even thousands of products.

When you buy a store from us you get a fully functional store that will do everything that a web based store should.

Things like;

  • Displaying your products with pricing, images, descriptions and technical information.
  • Collecting payment information while maintaining the customers security and privacy.
  • Collecting emails so that you can communicate with your customers.
  • Gathering data on your most popular products, abandoned shopping carts, and where your visitors come from.
  • When we build a store for you we set up all of the payment information, shipping information, data collection, essential pages and we load your products into your store.

When we are done your store is completely ready for sales.

Fill out the Contact Us form below, today to see a demo version of your new store. We will need to know what the name of your store is going to be and what your corporate colours are. If you haven’t chosen a name yet we can just call it your store.

If you have no idea about how to build a store or how to run an online store, Don’t worry we will teach you how to run your new store.

If you just want to chat about your idea, give us a call at 780-477-3070 and we will help you get started.

We also have a payment plan for your store as well as a Store rental plan so you can try out a store and see if you like it. Contact us today for the details.