Write for Biz Start Inc

Write for Biz Start Inc

Yes! We accept bylined “How To” articles and opinion pieces for our website.

We accept bylined articles that are 800 to 1,000 words or so of body text in length, with or without photos, about any aspect of starting and running a small business online or offline. We will publish your article on our Biz Start Inc Blog.

We will inform you when your article has been accepted for publication. Expect to hear from us within a week or so of our having received your email. If we choose not to accept your article, you may or may not hear from us, depending on how crowded our inbox is.

Articles accepted for publication will be edited for clarity and brevity and to conform to the Biz Start Inc house style. We will likely change your title as well, so you might want to suggest some alternative titles.

So, if you are interested in joining our growing list of contributors, here are the guidelines.

1. Articles should be original to the author and not published anywhere else.

2. Articles should offer readers clear advice, stories, on any and all aspects of starting a business anywhere in the world. Articles can be about any aspect of running a business. We like to read about your success stories and we will even publish your failure stories.

3. Include a brief bio of at most 25 words and if you like a recent headshot. Please make sure that you entire head is in the picture.

4. Include relevant links in parentheses, next to the words to be linked. Don’t worry about embedding the links. We will do that when we publish the article.

5. Submit articles only in Word format as an attachment to the email.

6. If you submit an article that mentions businesses or companies in which you have a vested interest, disclose your interest to your readers. An example is; if you are the owner of the small business you are writing about, say so. We like to promote any business associated with starting and running a small business.

7. The author retains copyright of all articles, but Biz Start Inc has permission to reprint your article on our Blog.

8. If you wish to advertise your business or product to our readers, Please contact us. We have a program for that.

9. Biz Start Inc does not pay for articles submitted by guest contributors at this time.

10. Biz Start Inc does not publish press releases. We do however accept announcements about business conferences, training courses and business boot camps.

11. Please send all articles to support@bizstartinc.com.